Cat and Pit Bull 'Best Buddies' Wrestle in Pennsylvania Home

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1 個月前

Fighting like cats and dogs has rarely been as adorable as in the home of one eastern Pennsylvania pet owner, video captured January 4 shows.

Taz the pit bull and Sage the cat are seen in a playful exchange in their home in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania.

Footage recorded by Emily Jackson shows two-year-old Taz holding down Sage as they gently wrestle and bite each other.

Speaking to Storyful, Jackson said, “When I first got Taz as a puppy, I was living with a roommate who had two cats who absolutely didn’t like dogs. So they’d pick on him. He ended up being one of those dogs chasing cats until we got Sage.”

Jackson added, “I got her to keep him company while I’m at work, and after a day they were best buddies!” Credit: Emily Jackson via Storyful