How En-deer-ing! Stag Pops Head Into Couple's Car

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1 個月前

A man in Torridon, Scotland, wasn’t too impressed when a stag popped his head into his car.

Wedding photographer Alison Gilbert filmed the deer investigating her nonplussed husband.

“You’re probably covered in ticks. I don’t want Lyme disease,” Gilbert’s spouse says in the video.

“I had a fit of the giggles at the surreal scene while the stag sniffed away at my poor husband,” Gilbert said.

She soon discovered that this was no ordinary stag that visited their car, but a local celebrity known as Calum of the Glen.

“Since the video, I’ve discovered that, years ago, this stag was found emaciated and almost dead. His two front teeth were broken so he was unable to graze and eat. The rural community local to Beinn Eighe have since looked him and he is now very healthy and handsome,” Gilbert explained. Credit: Alison Gilbert via Storyful