Evacuating SDF Set Fire to Coalition Base Near Kobani

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7 個月前

Syrian Democratic Forces set fire to and evacuated a base at the Lafarge cement factory, between Kobani and Ain Issa, on October 15, Col Myles B Caggins III, spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, was quoted as saying.

Col Caggins said that the action was taken as “Turkish-backed militias” advanced towards the factory, and though the base had been the de-facto headquarters of the coalition to defeat Islamic State, “no US forces or equipment were ever in jeopardy and remain within separate, secure facilities”.

The area around the base had been used by displaced civilians seeking protection, video posted to YouTube on October 12 showed.

Video presented here shows a long line of military vehicles lined up on a road near the factory, as black smoke billows out from the compound. Credit: ANHA via Storyful

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    The article is wrong. The video does not show a convoy of military vehicles but rather heavy transport trucks hauling earthmoving equipment. Great Journalism.
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    ISIS are ever thankful for Trump! ISIS will wear MAGA hat proudly!
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    Turkey warned Trump if you don't get out of Syria .Turkey will attack American troops in Syria .Thats why Trump quickly left Syria
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    When being attacked by an enemy, you don’t won’t to give them supplies. Russia did it in WW2, nobody should be surprised that someone would rather destroy their arms depot rather than letting their enemy take it.
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    Bruno Anthony
    SDF is a Marxist authoritarian group. The press won't tell you that. They want to make it seem like Trump abandoned Boy Scouts.
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    The history of that Lafarge plant shows how corrupt the Syrian was then along with their disregard for providing jobs for the local residents. Lafarge had to hire workers that the government sent in from southern provinces and kept housed far away from the plant. Once the fighting started, the plant stayed in operation as control of the region changed hands, from the SAA to the rebel groups then the Kurds. Lafarge got into hot water for paying protection money to the rebel and Kurd militias so the plant could continue operating and selling bags of cement to anyone that showed up with a truck and cash. Lafarge closed down the plant and removed their employees shortly before ISIS gain controlled of the area.
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    Who does Lafarge sue for compensation? Or do they have some kind of insurance?
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    Lafarge provided cement to Kurdish terrorists to build bunkers. France should be expelled from NATO!
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    Clowns Everywhere
    So al-qaeda insurgents in Syria are now called SDF? Interesting. Looks like any garbage can be sold in this country like a candy as long as it's wrapped and called nicely ...
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    The U.S. uses any terror group or separatist to get its way when we decide to topple regimes. MEK is a terror group who the U.S. unlisted from the terrorist groups when they agreed to fight and spy for Israel and the U.S. against Iran. American public know nothing about the U.S. foreign policies and history in middle east. If they help us we called them " opposition" if they fight against us they are terrorists. Even ISIS was used to fight against Assad regime in Syria.
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Pepper is black so is this black on black violence
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