Excavator Packed With 384 Kilograms of Cocaine Leads to Two Arrests in Bungendore

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1 年前

Two men connected to a Bungendore landscaping business were arrested on Sunday, July 14, on numerous drug trafficking charges after an excavator was found packed with 384 kilograms of cocaine.

According to police, the excavator was intercepted in June and after police found the machine’s frame packed with cocaine, with an estimated street value of $144 million. An investigation was launched, leading the task force to the Bungendore, New South Wales, landscaping business.

This was the “largest ever drug interception operation coordinated by ACT Policing,” the release said. The joint operation included partners from New South Wale’s Police, the Australian Federal Police’s National Anti-Gangs Squad, Australian Border Force and other partners.

The video released by Australian Border Force shows the X-ray identifying the cocaine packed in the machine, and other police footage. Credit: Australian Border Force via Storyful

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    "According to police, the excavator was intercepted by local law enforcement after a high-speed chase across multiple parishes with speeds approaching 100 kph."
  • L
    There sure has been a lot of cocaine seizures lately. Tons of coke. So where does the confiscated drugs go?
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    Bungendore is a town in the Queanbeyan Region of New South Wales, Australia. Gotcha
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    Russell W H
    Probably a tip from a competitor.
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    Had to be a tip off on this load, coppers don't X-ray big construction equipment unless they have a reason.
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    Maybe it was just to help the construction workers keep up their energy and work much, much faster.
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    For every one they catch two make it through
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  • L
    Didn't know you could x-ray through steel! Scratch that plan.
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    Malcolm  X  2
    Cant blame inner city people for this one now can we ?
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