Fires Lit as Protesters Take to Streets of West Philadelphia After Police Shooting of Black Man

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1 個月前

Protesters took to the streets of West Philadelphia after a black man was shot by police in the neighbourhood earlier on October 26. Local media reported the man later died in hospital.

This clip, posted on Instagram by Jasmine Bellamy-Zion, shows fires being lit on South 52nd Street.

A small crowd gathered at Malcolm X Park before marching towards a police precinct, shouting chants including “shut it down”, as heard in other footage posted to Twitter.

Video of the shooting incident on Locust Street circulated on social media, in which police officers can be heard telling the victim to drop a knife before multiple gunshots are heard. Local media identified the man as Walter Wallace Jr.

Philadelphia Police said the man advanced towards police while holding the knife, according to reports. Credit: Jasmine Bellamy-Zion via Storyful