Go Fish! Denver Zoo Tiger Plucks Salmon From Zip Line on 9th Birthday

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9 個月前

Denver Zoo celebrated resident Amur Tiger Nikita’s ninth birthday on September 12 by treating her to a salmon on a zip line.

Footage shared by the zoo shows Nikita, who joined the zoo in 2016, effortlessly leap off the ground to catch hold of the salmon.

According to the zoo, Amur tigers are classified as endangered and are the planet’s largest cat species. Credit: Denver Zoo via Storyful

  • k
    Nikita is a beautiful and powerful animal...I'm glad thy are providing exercise and stimulaton for this wonderful cat
  • B
    Good for them for giving their tiger a bit of exercise. Many zoos don't go to this amount of effort to feed their captive animals.
  • D
    She is playful..... Awww! Gorgeous!!!
  • M
    Such a beautiful animal.
  • E
    Good to see Denver has zip lines - they have been installed in many German zoos for more than 2 decades to keep animals entertained
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