Gold Prospector Snorkels Face-Down in Scottish Stream

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10 個月前

A motorist in Leadhills, Scotland, witnessed a strange-looking scene when she came across a man in waterproof gear and snorkeling mask, lying face-down in a stream.

Leigh Watt recorded this video as as she watched the man rise to his knees and empty a pan of silt from the stream bed. Watt posted it to Facebook with the caption “Someone panning for Leadhills gold.”

The Leadhills area is well-known for its gold deposits and is popular among gold prospectors.

While this prospector’s approach may look strange, it has proven very effective for others; the Guardian reported in 2018 that an amateur prospector found a 3.02oz lump of gold while lying face-down in a Scottish river. Credit: Leigh Watt via Storyful

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