Golden Retriever Preciously Babysits Baby Girl
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Inocent creatures are not so different after all! In this cute video a Golden Retriever and a 4 months baby girl preciously kiss each other. Adorable!
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    Golden Retrievers = World’s Best Dogs
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    My three kids grew up with dogs… But I do think this went a little too far germ-wise.
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    Tokyo Satchel
    That is not a toddler. That is an infant. Toddler”s can walk, somewhat, and can definitely hold their head up.
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    Regardless of cleanliness. Golden Retievers are awesome family Dogs
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    LOL everyone
    Dogs are the greatest domestic animals ever created
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    Shelby R
    golden retrievers are beautiful animals inside and out. pets are such precious gifts
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    Never let a dog or a cat lick your baby's mouth. A baby's immune system is not strong enough to fight against germs. These god damm parents are really dim witted..
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    Nicest dog on the planet. But you don’t let it lick your infants face. Or yours for that matter. Don’t believe me. Ask your vet
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    Mr Smith
    Never do this with a pit bull
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    So Lovely