Happy Ostrich Shows Off Dance Moves at Werribee Open Range Zoo

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10 個月前

Napoleon the ostrich let his feathers down on Wednesday, September 19, in a video marking his one-year anniversary at Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria.

One of the zoo’s “keeper cams” caught Napoleon busting out some dance moves: shaking his wings and tail and swaying his head from side to side, on a sunny day at the zoo.

Napoleon’s smooth moves were an “affectionate greeting,” the zoo said in a statement. Napoleon arrived at Werribee last year with his ostrich friends Flick, Buddy, and Patches. They share their environment with giraffe, rhino and antelope. Credit: Werribee Open Range Zoo via Storyful

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    Niskayuna Nuggets
    The bird is clearly in distress.
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    Nutcase alert !!
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