Hong Kong Police Fire Pepper Pellets Towards Protesters

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1 個月前

Hong Kong police fired pepper pellets during clashes with protesters on May 27, and made more than 200 arrests, local reports said.

The protests have been sparked by a national security law proposed by China, which many feel threatens democratic freedoms enjoyed by Hong Kongers.

Legislation that would make criticism of the national anthem a criminal offence, currently before the Hong Kong legislature, has added to anti-Beijing sentiment.

This footage, from Central, shows police firing pepper pellets at protesters. Local reports said about 240 people had been arrested during Wednesday’s protests. Credit: Studio Incendo via Storyful

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    Ask the Iraqis what kind of pellets did they receive?
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    HK police are like mall cops...they need to take these rioters down for good.
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    Hong Kong residents just need to be patient till Nov. 3. The democrats will win the presidency, senate, and house. We will have open borders. Anyone in the world will be able to settle in the USA. Welfare benefits, free education, and USA citizenship for ALL. No more permanent resident status needed. No more ICE!
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    Always there are more news reporters than polices as you see in the video
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    Rioters not protesters
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    Sushi Koi
    American cops would have used lead.
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    US police mowed down protesters using police vehicles in California today.
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    I have notice some lead rioters are paid by propaganda (for luxury phones/ bags / etc) from varous news foreign sources. Lead rioters mix into crowd of by-standard walking in the street with reporters. And flee once police in crowd control. Lead Rioters are nothing but coward and terrorist for not standing in front row to fight like real man.
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    Time to call in the national guards.
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    It's good to see that HK hasn't lost their momentum despite the pandemic.
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