Iranian Agency Releases Video of British-Flagged Tanker

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2 年前

The Iranian Students’ News Agency, a student-run news organization partially funded by the Iranian government, released video on Saturday, July 20, showing the British-flagged Stena Impero after its seizure by Iran.

Iran’s port and maritime authority said the vessel was being held at Bandar Abbas port in Hormozgan province and was seized after “reports of violations of international maritime law.”

The ship’s owner, Stena Bulk, said that the Stena Impero vessel was “approached by unidentified small crafts and a helicopter” while in international waters with 23 personnel on board. Both Stena Bulk and Northern Marine Management had lost contact with the tanker, the statement said. Credit: ISNA via Storyful

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    What international maritime rule or law did it break?
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    Astro Gremlin
    The "students" were trouble before.
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    Ace Nutter
    Is there any video coverage of the 12 israelis raping the girl in Cyprus,I`m sure some of them would have had camera phones?.
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    Time to attack Tehran.