Jeremy Corbyn Arrives at London Climate Protest on Bicycle

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8 個月前

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn arrived by bicycle to a climate protest being held in his local area of Islington, London, on September 20, the day of a Global Climate Strike that saw similar events held in cities across the world.

Millions of people were reported to be taking part in the protests.

Corbyn tweeted: “I’m proud to be joining London’s largest climate crisis mobilisation to demand action.”

Students taking the day off school to attend were a prominent feature of the protests, which have been inspired by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg. Credit: Jeremy Corbyn via Storyful

  • R
    Another day, another bandwagon. Back in the car tomorrow.
  • b
    Forcing motorists to drive three times further than they have to, well somebody has to work , if not how will these protesters be able to draw their benefits. Not making too much sense is it?
  • P
    A lot of work is not getting done today. Well, on second thought...
  • F
    Floyd B. Chokin
    I joined in as well. I rode to work on my bike. I put the key in the ignition, started up the Harley and went to work. Doing my part to be green as well.
  • e
    ex 2 R.G.J
    I take Corbyn built that bike out of recycled bike bits. Or was it built in air polluting factory ?
  • b
    Great day to have off, down the pub for the rugby World Cup, and a long weekend, then swear you were protesting. Then blame Brexit when you’re skint.
  • S
    He does things like this right. And then he turns Labour's Brexit position into such a train wreck it's just...sigh. Oh, well, guess I'll have to settle for the Lib-Dems.
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