Just Passing 'Th-Roo': Kangaroo Bounds Across Road in Middle of Canberra CBD

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9 個月前

A kangaroo was spotted on a morning hop through the streets of Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) on Saturday, October 12.

Allison Lubransky-Moy was sitting in her car in the Civic shopping centre precinct when she spotted the hoppy shopper.

“Sitting in the car in civic…Nek minnut! I guess that’s why we are called the bush capital,” she said in a post on the Canberra Notice Board Group on Facebook. Credit: Allison Lubransky-Moy via Storyful

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    Normal Wisdom
    A kangaroo in Australia? Wow, who'd have thought it?
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Richard7 個月前
The PETA freaks will son be protesting this use of animals.
Wendy7 個月前
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Genesis 1:17 小時前
The Bible calls this an Abomination
Boomer29 分鐘前
INSANITY is running rampant in the world.