'Ladybugs' Swarm New Hampshire Home

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1 個月前

A New Hampshire woman got a little too much of a good thing when she found hundreds of normally cute lady beetles crawling on the outside of her home on October 13.

Heather Figueroa said she left her house in Nottingham, New Hampshire, to pick up a pizza when her mother-in-law called to let her know about the aggregation.

“I thought she was exaggerating, but we returned to this,” Figueroa told Storyful.

This video, taken by Figueroa, shows dozens of the insects crawling on the porch columns and siding of her home. “It’s like attack of the ladybugs,” she says in the video.

“They’re just flying everywhere,” Figueroa says in the video as she pans around the bug-covered home. At the end of the video, she screams, “Ah, it’s on me!” as her phone tumbles to the ground.

Asian lady beetles are known to swarm in the Northeast in the fall. Credit: Heather Figueroa via Storyful

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