London Protesters March in 'Solidarity With Hong Kong'

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6 個月前

Activists across the globe held demonstrations on Saturday, August 17, to support pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong who have continued to call for democratic reform within their region, local media reported.

This video shows a crowd of people walking through the streets of London as they shout “Democracy for Hong Kong.”

The video shows protesters holding signs that say “Solidarity with the revolt in Hong Kong,” “No China extradition,” and “Democracy will prevail!”

The anti-government demonstrations in Hong Kong began earlier this year in opposition to a now-shelved extradition bill.

The London event aimed to show support for the region and pressure UK officials to take a legislative stance and intervene with “human rights violations” in Hong Kong, event organizers said.

Demonstrations were held in Australia on Saturday, with different events organized in favor of and against the Hong Kong government, reports said. Pro-democracy Hong Kong supporters in Scotland also planned a protest for Saturday.

The international demonstrations came alongside a series of marches and rallies in Hong Kong on Saturday, with events organized for both pro-democracy and government supporters. Credit: Socialist Worker via Storyful

  • Y
    “Democracy for Hong Kong." from Britain? Isn't that bit ironic? In the near a century and half British rule of Hong Kong, not a single HK governor was from Hong Kong, all appointed British people without any election process. Since HK was returned to China, at least all governors have been from Hong Kong, with limited voting process.
  • S
    Sushi Koi
    Are those people the ones who abandoned HK decades ago?
  • E
    If they were really dedicated they would travel to Hong Kong and protest.
  • R
    Funny about the UK - they rule HK for 143 years and granted no self-determination or universal suffrage. HK'ers didn't have the right to vote for any type of representation on even a local level. They violently suppress riots in 1956 and 1967. (using live bullets killing over 50 in each incident), Mass arrest in 1970 over the Diaoyutai islands demonstrations, and new year riots of 1980 then they get an epiphany 7 years before handover that HK'ers should have rights. They only granted those rights when handover was a foregone conclusion. Zero people have been killed by the HK police thus far compared to those incidents. Which country is using police brutality? The UK run HK police dept or the current one?

    55% of the protesters are aged 20-28 years old - the democracy they have and feel is being taken away is the one that was given to them by the 1 country, 2 systems policy. It's been a little over 22 years since handover. The British gave you nothing. Are you sure you want to fly the British flag. The colonial oppressor?
  • 只是正常人
    UK loves Hong Kong protesters. Please just come to UK to apply asylum. We love you all!
  • L
    How will uk react if a march for comunism would be held in London, it is the same but viceversa, you shall not interfiere in other countries affairs
  • l
    Why don’t these people ask British how come they can’t vote when British there for over hundred years
  • w
    I would love to see hundreds of thousands of protestors marching and rioting throughout London for 3 month. I really would.
    And any other of those leftist-wing suppressed democratic Western countries and their respective capitals. The western politicians and their voters would then blame China for their own failed policies and economic downturns instead of themselves.
  • A
    Ha Ha, If they love HK so much go back.
  • l
    A broken HK will not benefit China or HK...My HK friends in the U.S. are sad and nervous for HK. They care. However, many are chanting Free HK, and clapping hands with smiling faces. HK need stop making loud noise for their purposes.
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