'We Lost All the Beer' Queensland Family Rescued After Boat Sinks

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1 個月前

While just fifteen minutes away from their holiday destination an Australian family got into difficulty off the coast of Queensland, on September 18, when the boat they were traveling in started to sink.

The extended family, made up of James Nugent, who captured the video, his dad, stepmom, sister, brother, and partner, as well as his partner’s daughter and their son, were forced to abandon the sinking vessel for an inflatable dingy.

With rescue aircraft circling over them and the Yeppoon Volunteer Marine Rescue within sight, the family were in good spirits. Someone offscreen can be heard joking that “we lost all the beer!”

After being in the water for an hour and a half, Nugent told Storyful that they “could not wait to be rescued.” He added that those who were treading water outside the dingy sustained “some chemical burns” from the fuel in the water.

Speaking to The Age, an Australian Maritime Safety Authority spokesman said “the vessel had eight people on board and was taking water and sinking, passengers donned lifejackets and abandoned the vessel.” Credit: James Nugent via Storyful

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