Lost Penguin Who Swam 1,500 Miles Is Released After R&R

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9 個月前

A penguin who swam an impressive 1,553 miles (2,500 kilometers) from its home in New Zealand to Australia was released back into the wild after an extensive rest at the Melbourne Zoo.

According to a press release sent to Storyful, the Fiordland penguin was discovered in a malnourished and underweight state at Kennett River on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, having swum across the Tasman Sea. It was transported to Melbourne Zoo, where it underwent rehabilitation in July, as seen in this footage.

The bird was taken to Phillip Island Nature Parks in Victoria for the final stages of its rehabilitation and final release back into the wild. Melbourne Zoo’s head of veterinary services Dr Michael Lynch told Australia’s 7News that he was hopeful the penguin would have no trouble making the return trip to New Zealand and eventually breed.

Fiordland penguins are a crested penguin species native to New Zealand, and are classified as nationally vulnerable. Credit: Melbourne Zoo via Storyful

  • A
    Too bad they couldn't have found someone going to New Zealand and had the penguin hitch a ride. Then it could be released back with its group.
  • n
    um they didn't release it back in the country where it should be? Seriously? Really? Did i read that right?
  • E
    and they didnt return him to New Zealand, why?
  • S
    That's cruel, not taking him back home and making him swim all the back.
  • K
    I hope he's able to find his home again. Can't believe they didn't try to get him back to his own environment. He could wind up in the same situation again...
  • B
    What a cute little guy and I hope he makes it home just fine.
  • J
    aww i dont know if i could part with him, so cute
  • K
    Poor little fella.
  • J
    That is like waiting for a penguin Follywood Bisney movie.
  • J
    Must be a world record.
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