Man Hangs Upside Down While Playing Flute in NYC Subway Station
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New York City residents are typically unfazed by street performances but on July 18, a man playing the flute while hanging upside down in a subway station definitely caught the attention of commuters.Trevor Beaulieu was walking in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City when he heard someone playing a flute. Beaulieu was able to follow the sound and he determined that it was coming from a man who was hanging upside down from the entrance to the 1 train at the 23rd Street subway station.Beaulieu filmed the man with his phone as he continued to play the brass instrument and hung upside down from a rope that was tied around his waist and then looped through subway entrance railing.The video shows the man playing music while several subway riders exit the station, most of them going about their day as though nothing out of the ordinary was occurring. Credit: Trevor Beaulieu via Storyful
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    something is wrong with this man...
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    Another sicko hoping for something...take a guess
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    Flutes are woodwind instruments, not brass instruments. Dumb writer AND Editor.