'Never Seen a Sky Like This': Funnel Cloud Seen on Day of Damaging Tornado Near Des Moines

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1 個月前

Local news reports said a tornado west of Des Moines, in the Waukee area, caused damage to property on May 26 as stormy weather hit Iowa.

Angela Kruse shot this footage of a funnel cloud formation from her home in Urbandale, just north of Waukee.

Speaking to Storyful, she said, “I watched it form about one minute prior to taping it. I have never seen a sky like this, and watching the rotation as it formed was remarkable.” Credit: Angela Kruse via Storyful

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    I've never experienced a tornado and hope to God I don't! Since moving out of town after graduating college, 2 tornados in a year have been within 5 minutes of my son..Very scary stuff, especially, when you see the damage and aftermath!
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    Born and raised in Oklahoma. I have lived in many places since but I have seen skies like that often. The first tornado I saw I didn't even know what it was. I saw a couple of black funnels bouncing up and down and went to ask my grandfather what it was. He immediately realized I saw a tornado and we rushed off to his storm cellar. His farm was pretty much untouched as it was over us when it flew over the home but the sound was bad enough he thought his home had been destroyed. Debris was all over his farm afterwards.
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    LOL everyone
    It's a sign
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