'Nobody Workin' Like Me': TikToker Gives Hilarious Mock Interview as Michael Myers

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1 個月前

A man in Charlotte, North Carolina, gave a hilarious mock interview as Michael Myers, the fictional star of the Halloween slasher movies, in a TikTok video posted on October 19.

In the video, Gavin Blake (@gavinblake23) dons the Halloween killer’s mask and walks viewers through life as “one of the greatest ever”, which apparently includes raw egg breakfasts, sauna sessions and rigorous workouts.

Speaking on his success, the fake Myers says it all comes down to hard work.

“Work ethic. Nobody workin’ like me. Nobody,” the TikToker says. “Pennywise talking about, ‘Oh I’m big time.’ You’re living in a sewer.” Credit: @gavinblake23 via Storyful