Not-So-Happy Halloween: Creepy Clown Photobombs Girl's Jaunty Dance at Haunted Hayride

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3 個月前

A young woman performing a peppy dance routine at the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride got more than just a fright when a creepy clown photobomber scared her so badly that she lost her footing and fell over.

Jesse Callahan and his friend Sarati were enjoying an October evening at the Haunted Hayride when Sarati asked Callahan to record a video of her dancing.

Callahan obliged and captured more on camera than he expected. The video shows Sarati give the camera a thumbs-up and a big smile before breaking out her dance moves.

Seconds later, a cast member from the hayride dressed as a scary clown crab-walks into frame behind Sarati. He then scurries across the ground on all fours to approach her from behind.

Sarati is in the middle of an elbow-licious move when she notices the clown, which scares her so badly she trips and falls to the ground.

“It definitely spooked me and I was not expecting it,” Callahan told Storyful. Credit: Jesse Callahan via Storyful

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    a haunted house is the correct time and place to perform a dance routine
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    The crab walk is so smooth. Thumbs up to the clown.
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    actually it was pretty funny.........I love the spider crawl
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    Is it just me, or does she dance modestly better than Elaine on Seinfeld?
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    The crab walk - wow!
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    The crab walk is the real story!
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    That video is from Tik-Tok, so now "reporters" are getting their stories from tik-tok videos? I guess journalism is truly dead. Just find a video, tweet, post and write a paragraph about it.
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    This story deserves national attention-someone alert the media!
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    Its the most wonderful time of the year!
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