Pair of Pups Have Radically Different Levels of Enthusiasm for a Walk

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6 個月前

Lynsey Drew was walking her two dogs, Buddy and Mario, in Gateshead, England, when Buddy decided he was no longer interested in walking and began to protest.

Drew captured this video of the canine duo, as Buddy rolled on the ground before being unceremoniously dragged along by Mario.

Buddy the shih tzu and Mario the cockapoo are both two years old and have been living together since November 2017. Drew told Storyful, “they are characters and simply have to be together always.” Credit: Lynsey Drew via Storyful

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    Looks funny but should not be done. The dogs ought to be on two leads so the owner can control them seperately. And all the little one wanted was a good backsratch really
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