Penguins at London Zoo Send Off Letters to Santa

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2 個月前

Keepers at London Zoo said they helped penguins send off their letters to Santa on November 25, ahead of the zoo’s “fairy-lit festive wonderland” event.

Penguin keeper Jessica Jones said: “We’re pretty sure Santa now knows to get something fishy for the penguins this year, but from this Saturday, we’re inviting visitors to become elves-in-training and help make sure Santa brings the perfect pressies for all the other animals – by taking a festive fact-finding trail across the zoo.”

Children will be invited to share their findings with Mrs Claus in the Polar Postroom, before then posting their own letters to Santa.

Jones added: “Santa checks his post every day, so visitors may even spot him popping up from time to time on his own Christmas day out at London Zoo.” Credit: ZSL London Zoo via Storyful