Pilot tries to land plane in heavy winds, forced to immediate take off into air
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We are live now on our Elite Channel from #Heathrow and witnessed this insane #TOGA ! Well done pilot! Full credit: BIG JET TV
  • charliedog9060
  • ricky
    passengers are reminded that
    Clean under ware can be found in the oxygen box just above your heads .
  • l
    Kudos to the pilot indeed...............Could have been disastrous..........
  • Raymond
    The pilot did a touch and go, something they are trained for.
  • Scott
    "...forced to immediate take off into air"? That's a good place to take off to. If the plane didn't end up in the air, it wouldn't be a take off now would it.
  • Atheist
    whew, time for a clean pair of under rods
  • David
    Yikes! I hope the Captain called for a free round of drinks for all passengers after scaring the bee-jeepers out of them.
  • mdgor1
    i understand they are trained for that situation but i still think it was well done. i know if i was on that plane i might have had to change my pants.
  • Christopher Merla
    Oh My!! I am not flying anymore (unless sedated).
  • dsfa
    Just to imagine all life is a series of electrical signals in the body and those animals are what electrical signals create..that's really strange that in someway the signal in my wall made that duck with little ducks behind it that can't keep up with it.