Pilot tries to land plane in heavy winds, forced to immediate take off into air
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We are live now on our Elite Channel from #Heathrow and witnessed this insane #TOGA ! Well done pilot! Full credit: BIG JET TV
  • charliedog9060
  • ricky
    passengers are reminded that
    Clean under ware can be found in the oxygen box just above your heads .
  • l
    Kudos to the pilot indeed...............Could have been disastrous..........
  • shammy
    You would think 200 tons of aircraft would defy some high winds, at that point...mother nature is a beast!
  • Raymond
    The pilot did a touch and go, something they are trained for.
  • Scott
    "...forced to immediate take off into air"? That's a good place to take off to. If the plane didn't end up in the air, it wouldn't be a take off now would it.
  • Atheist
    whew, time for a clean pair of under rods
  • David
    Yikes! I hope the Captain called for a free round of drinks for all passengers after scaring the bee-jeepers out of them.
  • mdgor1
    i understand they are trained for that situation but i still think it was well done. i know if i was on that plane i might have had to change my pants.
  • Christopher Merla
    Oh My!! I am not flying anymore (unless sedated).