Police Putter After Slow-Moving Stolen Golf Cart in New Zealand

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1 個月前

Police in New Zealand slowly but surely pursued a suspect in a stolen golf cart on July 5 in the Waikato town of Ngaruawahia, local media reported.

Ryan Brayden Gosnell recorded this footage of one of two carts reportedly stolen from the Ngaruawahia Golf Club. Gosnell told Storyful he was sitting inside when he heard sirens slowly coming closer.

He told Storyful some locals got involved in the pursuit: “When the keen Sunday golfer made his way to the end of the street, some friendly neighbors helped block the cop car,” Gosnell said.

Local news outlets reported the golf cart was no match for the police car, and the driver jumped off the cart to attempt an escape on foot.

According to local reports, the 29-year-old driver was arrested.

The Ngaruawahia Golf Club said on Facebook that both carts had been recovered. Credit: Ryan Brayden Gosnell via Storyful

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