Protestors Gather in New York's Union Square Over George Floyd's Death

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4 個月前

A group of protestors gathered in New York City’s Union Square on May 28, demonstrating against the police involved death of George Floyd, who died in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25.

Footage uploaded to Facebook shows a row of protestors in Union Square chanting “George Floyd” while facing off against a police line.

Protests, some violent, have occurred across America since May 26, the day after video circulated of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pinning Floyd, 46, to the ground with his knee on his neck. Floyd died soon after.

As of the evening of May 28, local news reported several protestors were arrested. Credit: Nick DiBari via Storyful

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    Now this will be interesting. Will there be spike in COVID-19 in the areas where the crowds assembled to protest and riot? This is the farthest thing from social distancing.
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    And where were the police in Michigan last week?
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    Protesters are fine. To looters, however, I give a warning. In many states it is lawful to use deadly force to prevent the commission of arson, a forcible felony, and rightfully so.
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    So these protests and riots have resulted in very few arrests, yet if I don't wear a mask at my business I will not only be reprimanded but possibly shut down. What a country.
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    Yet they don't say Boo over black on black crime or when blacks attack, assault, murder whites which happens hundreds of times more often than when a black criminal is hurt/killed during the commission of his crimes...
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