Puppy goes round and round trying to fetch bottle
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Check out this puppy's hilarious attempt to reach the bottle in the middle of the table. Hysterical!
  • kami
    omgosh!!!! that's me😲 when I want my glass of wine!!
  • Jack Burton
    Like all the Dem candidates running for President.
  • Gibbyplayer
    Looks like the gopher Carl was after in Caddyshack.
  • Radio_Waves_NY
    Possibly the best thing I’ll see in any of my news apps.
    the bottle represents tha WALL and the DOG Trump
  • Skeptical
    You people who post these videos have no mercy! You are trying to give me a hernia from laughing so hard.
  • Rob
    MAGA puppy
  • Richard
    The dems chasing collusion charges..
  • Miss Barbara
    This doesn't strike me as funny. Poor baby!
  • John
    Dumb dog.