Qantas Completes First-Ever Non-Stop Commercial Flight From New York to Sydney

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1 年前

Australian airline Qantas completed the world’s first-ever non-stop commercial flight from New York City to Sydney on October 20, after a flight time of more than 19 hours.

The airline transported 50 people more than 16,200 kilometers (10,066 miles), departing New York’s John F Kennedy Airport at 9 pm on October 18 and landing in Sydney at 7.42 am on October 20.

In a statement ahead of the flight, Qantas said: “The purpose of the record-breaking flight is to conduct scientific research on passengers and crew on an ultra-long haul flight, with the aim of increasing health and wellness, minimizing jetlag and identifying optimum crew rest and work periods.”

The airline said that it would examine results from research flights and other “streams of work” to inform a decision on whether to run regular flights starting from 2022 or 2023.

The airline also said the plane took off with maximum fuel but “a restricted passenger and baggage load (and no cargo) to allow the aircraft to operate the flight non-stop.” All carbon emissions from the flight and two other scheduled research flights would be offset, Qantas said. Credit: chadirl via Storyful

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    I think 20 hours in a Qantas First Class seat would put me in a coma with all the booze and food.
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    How did the article manage to fail to mention what aircraft was used for the flight? Looks like it could be a Boeing 787?
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    19 hours flight might only work if they have a real bar on board
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    I have taken many sixteen hours flight, this flight is only three hours longer. Should not make much difference.
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    Why don't they just move Australia closer?
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    Thai Airways used to run a nonstop flight from NYC to Bangkok and from LA to Bangkok. They were 17 hrs and 14 hrs long respectively. They discontinued them a few years ago, because they were grueling and travelers didn't like them. I took them both, and a nonstop of that length isn't worth it.
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    Paul Glock
    I did the calculations. Each passenger used $4,800 in fuel alone. That's at a full load of 47,890 gallons of fuel for a 777. Or enough fuel for one average person to drive for 87 years doing 12,000 miles a year.
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    "All carbon emissions from the flight and two other scheduled research flights would be offset..."
    Pure fantasy bull $#!%.
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    What your fellow passengers look and act like during a 19 hour non-stop flight.....
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    No cargo, limited passenger load, full fuel in order to fly non stop. Confused.