Scary moment as Orangutan male attempts to bite baby's head
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The male borneo orangutan Batu is following his son Basuki through the outdoor enclosure. He keeps trying to grab his son, but his son is getting away. Basuki is tumbling and stumbling and then climbs the net. He is not out of reach, so Batu pulls his son down. When the big male opens his mouth it looks quite scary with his big teeth showing as if he wants to bite the little babies head. He then carries Basuki away, until Basuki wiggles free again and is trying once more to get away. Dad follows and grabs him again by his little arms and drags him and pushes him inside the door. Batu was very determined to get his son inside and Basuki really didn't want to go. He did manage in the end, but it wasn't long before Basuki seem to escape again and came outside heading for the climbing net. When Batu came out again, little Basuki quickly headed for his mom.