Seattle Catholic School Students Protest 'Voluntary Resignation' of Gay Teachers

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3 個月前

Students from John F Kennedy Catholic High School in Burien, Washington, walked out on Tuesday, February 18, in support of two teachers who were allegedly fired for having same-sex relationships, local media reported.

Seattle Archbishop Paul D Etienne issued a press release saying Paul Danforth and Michelle Beattie’s February 13 departure was a “voluntary resignation” on their part.

However, in a statement, Danforth’s fiance, Sean Nyberg, said that the teacher “is no longer employed specifically because he and I got engaged.”

Students at Kennedy Catholic staged a hallway sit-in and a walkout on Tuesday, which Nyberg attended. In a video he shared on Twitter, the students walk past a sign that reads, “Who would Jesus fire?”

Early Friday morning, the attorney for both teachers said in a statement to local media, “Paul and Michelle resigned because they were honest about being gay and being engaged to their respective same-sex partners” and they “were ultimately told that this was not compatible with continued employment at Kennedy.”

The students held a second rally and marched to the Archdiocese of Seattle on Friday, February 21. Credit: Sean Nyberg via Storyful

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    Catholic School every last student that Protested just got a suspension for 5 days and a mark on the record for life. Why are you going to a Catholic school if you dont like the Catholic Rules? I bet many of them had to answer to parents who were very unhappy with them for break the rules.
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    Are these students certain they can speak for Jesus and what he would do or say? I recall him being quoted as saying, "Go, and sin no more."
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    Dont confuse admonish with hate. We love the person. Not love the sin. All are children of God
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    Someone want to break it to them that this is a Catholic school? Someone should probably break it to them nice and slowly.
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    Who is radicalizing these kids? They clearly do not have an accurate theological understanding that is informed by either scripture or their ow Catholic tradition.
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    Last I knew, parents were the ones footing that bill. What's their thoughts since they knew they sent their children to a Catholic school.
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    Remember when we said Love the sinner but hate the sin? well we lied.
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    T Jefferson
    Their big mistake was having relationships with boys over 8 years old.
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    I personally have nothing against people who are gay. But I don't understand why gay teachers would want to teach at Catholic schools to begin with and why students would attend Catholic schools if they don't share Catholic beliefs.
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    The Catholic Church in the US is on its way out. When I was Catholic grammar school in the 50's the schools were packed with catholic kids and their was one every few mils around LA County. Now, they can't keep them full and admit lots of non-catholics to fill the seats..
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