Snake Catcher Breaks Up Python Love Triangle in Queensland Attic

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25 天前

A Queensland snake catcher had to intervene when residents of a home in Peregian Beach heard “thumping and sliding noises” in their attic, with the resulting rescue shared to Facebook on September 15.

Luke Huntley of Snake Catcher Noosa 24/7 was called in to investigate, finding what he told Storyful were “two male carpet pythons fighting over a girl inside a roof.”

In the footage, Huntley can be seen tackling the love triangle by bagging one of the males with relative ease, before having to go in via the roof to capture the female.

“This is very normal this time of year during snake breeding season,” Huntley wrote on Facebook. “Often you’ll get a female nice and cosy in a roof space that is ovulating and she brings the boys in with her scent.”

Describing the experience as “an absolute blast,” Huntley said that when he initially climbed up into the attic, he “very quickly found the boys taking swings at each other,” as they battled for mating rights.

Once he captured the “troublemaker” female, Huntley said the other male would “take off by himself”. As for the other two, when adding the female into the bag with the “losing” male he added, “you’re just gonna have to take what you can get, love.” Credit: Luke Huntley via Storyful