Snow Blankets National Forest Left Charred by California Cave Fire

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8 個月前

A wintry storm affecting California has dropped snow on a site where the Cave Fire had burned just days before.

A video taken by the Santa Barbara County Fire Department shows snow falling at 3500 feet on a section of the Los Padres National Forest left charred by the blaze.

The fire department said it was a “rare sight” to see snow falling on charred chaparral for the Santa Barbara south coast.

The Cave Fire started burning on November 25 in the Los Padres National Forest and has burned over 3,000 acres. Despite the snowfall, the fire is still considered active. Credit: Mike Eliason via Storyful

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    snow came a week too late to put out the fires, people should have started praying 2 weeks in advance for help from above
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    Oh what next. The pond freezes over where I caught fish?
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