Stacey Abrams Nerds Out About Star Trek
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You know Stacey Abrams from her historic midterm run for Georgia governor—but did you know she's a HUGE “Star Trek” fan? This video, "Stacey Abrams Nerds Out About Star Trek", first appeared on
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    VOTES, Teleport yours today.
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    Why would I care?
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    Stacy Abrams model of the 12%=90%
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    I just dropped a wet slippery deuce in the toilet = is that news??
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    Long live Trek. Most people don't deserve the greatness of this show. Now, I don't like how it has now become a religion of sorts (deifying Gene Roddenberry, demonizing some "prophets" (writers), while canonizing others, fans telling other fans what "real Star Trek" is, etc...), but I love its vision for what we can accomplish as humanity if we can just get over ourselves (and leave dogmatic religions behind). Even if it's a little vague on how we get there.
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    I know that she is a huge fan of the Golden Corral Buffet. How does this race monger still have any sort of following? She lost, give her the participation trophy and move on as she is absolutely irrelevant.
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    It makes sense, she's a Klingon; she Klingon to the illusion that's she won
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    Thought she would be more into Star Wars, since she identifies as Wookiee
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    She does look like a overweight Klingon.
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    Dam woman! Fix your teeth!