Storm System Causes Flooding on Florida's Anna Maria Island

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1 年前

Tropical Storm Nestor swept up Florida’s east coast on Saturday, October 19, flooding several areas before making landfall as a post-tropical cyclone at St Vincent Island in the Florida Panhandle a few hours later.

Anna Maria Island, south of Tampa, and shown in this footage,, was among the areas affected by flooding.

High surf, rip currents and wind gusts were also reported in the area. A flood advisory was in effect until Sunday morning. Credit: Rebecca Seymour Armentrout via Storyful
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    And the island has flooded forever when ever it rained or storms passed by. Friends bought on Avenue B forty years ago and right after they moved in it flooded after a small rain. The only difference is that today it floods due to climate change and back then it was due to weather.
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