Tear Gas and Water Cannon Deployed by Police, Petrol Bombs Thrown by Protesters in Hong Kong

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9 個月前

Anti-extradition bill protesters in Hong Kong continued to rally on October 20, with a large number of demonstrators wearing masks in defiance of a police ban on the facial coverings.

The Hong Kong Police Force said on Twitter that protesters gathering at Tsim Sha Tsui were blocking carriageways in Nathan Road, participating “in an unauthorized assembly,” and were requested to leave.

At Tsim Sha Tsui police station, officers fired tear gas towards protesters, in an attempt to clear the area. Police said on Twitter that the use of tear gas was the “minimum force necessary” to counter protesters.

As the standoff continued, protesters hurled petrol bombs at Tsim Sha Tsui police station, and police called up a water cannon, referred to by the force’s Twitter account as “a specialised crowd management” vehicle.

This footage shows the clashes between police and protesters around Tsim Sha Tsui police station. Credit: Antony Dapiran via Storyful

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    If they are free to throw bombs, what kind of freedom are they really asking for?
  • D
    Democracy Exporter
    Where are the live ammunitions, HK police still think they are dealing with troubled kids?
  • O
    Those HK peaceful rioters as well as those US senators complained about the HK police were using excessive force (i.e water cannon, tear gas, rubber bullets, and baton) to counter protestors. I think it's about time for the HK police force to PLAY FAIR. The HK police MUST stop using those dangerous weapons. Instead of using water cannon, they should use what those rioters have been using, petrol bombs. Instead of using tear gas, they should start throwing bricks. Instead of using baton, they should use iron rod, hammer, or wrench. Instead of using rubber bullet, they should use pen knife or home-made bombs.
  • M
    There's gotta be better pacification methods than tear gas and water cannons. This is the 21st century and those methods are outdated.
  • N
    This article is Totally Nonsense, Extradition Bill was long gone. H K police are TOO NICE to those protester.
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    Joe Kerr
    Just a few dozen roaches hurling petrol bombs now. Never had a hope when violence started with the waving of American flags.
  • g
    That is not protesting, it is rioting.
  • s
    Dr. Sun initiated, in China, the democracy and republic movement 120 years ago, now movement resumes after a long time sleep.
  • M
    Throw a bomb, get a real bullet in your face. Hong Kong parents better damn well bring their unruly children to heel before they are brought home in body bags. That is where this is heading.
  • s
    I have just spent 5 days in HK and can tell you firsthand that these protestors have become anarchists who now just want to destroy the city, create chaos and havoc and embarrass the HK Govt. The HK ploice arr being way too kind to them and need to clamp down on them with a firm fist. This has been going on for 5 months! Would the US or UK allow this???
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