Tens of Thousands Attend Melbourne Climate Strike

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7 個月前

Tens of thousands marched to Victoria’s state parliament in Melbourne on September 20 to demand action on climate change.

Event organizers said that 100,000 people took part in the demonstration, The Age reported.

The protest was part of a Global Climate Strike, which called for demonstrations in major cities around the world.

This footage shows the crowds gather at Treasury Gardens, near Victoria’s parliament, on September 20. Credit: Erin Dolan via Storyful

  • B
    guess they dont have jobs or school.
  • J
    They flew there, then got in a car while drinking a soy latte from a styrofoam cup with a straw. Maybe stopped for a burger along the way....
  • D
    Okay liberals, how many of you actually took the time to fly over there and participate? According to AOC we only have just a few years left before The Apocalypse consumes us.... please don't let Financial consideration slow you down... utilize all your savings sell off your house, your land, property, everything ...you must participate! The whole world is counting on you liberals 2 save us all....lol lol lol
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    Right? It’s like “that’s a threat?” Lol
  • m
    mike putignano
  • I
    Total waste of time
  • p
    I dont see tens of thousands of people in this video, maybe a thousand to 1500
  • B
    Giving meaning to their otherwise pointless existence...is there a ‘precipice/cliff’ nearby for them to charge over, ya think?
  • J
    Australia and New Zealand are leading the world in progressive politics. Good for them!
  • M
    M C
    The thought of idiot liberal activists vowing not to reproduce is something I welcome.
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