Texas cat hates his overalls and gets broken overall

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2 年前
Cappuccino, a broken cat over wearing overalls in McAllen, Texas, does not know what to do after his owner puts him down to walk on Friday (December 5). "I bought my cat, Cappuccino, overalls so he can look cute but I'm pretty sure he is broken now," the owner said.
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    My longhaired dachshund gladly wears sweaters when we walk in the rain. His belly fur is on the ground and he gets soaked, cold and dirty. They have fur on their paws in between the pads that soaks up liquid like crazy and throws it up onto his belly. A sweater holds the he fur up and keeps him dry so he stays warmer. He is very willing to wear a sweater in the rain.
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    Why do people dress their cats? I'm a cat owner, I've never and will never dress my cat.
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    If you put a piece of masking tape on a cats back it will crouch down because it thinks it has to, like it's under something or something is on it, clothes essentially do the same thing to a cat, it's not cute, it messes with the cats balance
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    Why would you do this to a cat. This is not funny or cute. This is just cruel. It's not meant for cats to wear clothes. Small dogs that get cold should wear sweaters to stay warm but that's totally different from putting clothes on a cat. This is terrible for this poor kitty.
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    Clothes on pets are only good if they are smaller and get cold and maybe then put a sweater or jacket on them
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    People, please don't do this to your cats! It might seem cute to you, but it's NOT cute for the cat! It's torture.
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    fred h
    Animals do not need to be dressed up. Jay Leno was an activist against people doing this. Animals have survived for eons without "clothes". Nature gave them "clothes"
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    Not funny or cute - just plain cruel -
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    That poor cat! Owner thought he would look cute? I think Cappuccino looks plenty cute without overalls - owner should be put in a ridiculous outfit and placed out for the public to see. He does not deserve a cat.
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    I find this overall clothes a torture as you can see from the cat’s expressions.