Thousands Volunteer to Clean Oil-Stained Brazilian Beaches

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9 個月前

Thousands of civilians volunteers have joined members of the miliatry to clean oil spills from Brazil’s northeastern beaches in October.

Brazil’s environment minister Ricardo Salles was in the area in mid October, sharing photos and videos of the cleanup operations. This footage shows aerial shots of the coast, and an oil spill response ship navigating waters in an effort to find traces of the spill, Salles posts said.

The dense crude oil was not floating on the top of the water, but instead only being found as it washed up on beeches, a Reuters report said.

Authorities from Brazil’s environmental agency IBAMA said on October 17 that the oil was Venezuelan, but the cause of the spill had not been determined, the same report said. Credit: Ricardo Salles via Storyful

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    Washing up on beeches? Crikey, starts underwater, then gets up into the branches. No wonder Brazilians are concerned. Seriously, glad to see such a strong response. Now they need to reverse that terrible decision to cut down and burn the Amazon. The world's oxygen levels are already depleted - more people, more jets, more cattle more combustion engines + less do the math..
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