Tornado Touches Down Near Missouri-Kansas Border on Anniversary of Disaster
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A tornado touched down a few miles north of Joplin, Missouri, causing damage, on May 22, the eighth anniversary of an EF5-rated multiple-vortex tornado that killed 161 people in the city.This video, looking north from Joplin Regional Airport, shows the storm moving over the area. Credit: Mark Williams via Storyful
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    Yep, going to be one of those years....... again. My heart goes out to those directly impacted by these storms. I live in the northeast tornado ally, but it isn't as bad as the central and Midwest of the U.S. Stay sharp ! Stay tuned in on local weather and take care of one another ! ✌
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    I wholeheartedly agree with Badger, This is one of the greatest reasons why we should always place complete faith in God our Father, as He writes, heaven and earth shall pass away my words will never fail!