Two girls burst into tears as mum surprises them with puppy

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2 個月前
The emotional moment two little girls were surprised with a puppy was caught on camera. This video features Angelone Kathleen introducing her two daughters to the newest and furriest addition to their family. "Is that our puppy? We got a puppy?" The elder sister asks in awe. Her younger sister, on the other hand, starts crying out of happiness and hugs her mum. The filmer said: "The video was taken after my daughters stayed the night at their grandparents' house in California and we surprised them with a puppy. My daughters have been wanting a puppy for a long time, so we decided to surprise them." She added: "Their reactions turned out exactly what I expected. I knew my husband wouldn’t believe me, so I made him a video of it! I was right! Their reactions were hilarious."