Woman Slides Down Icy Driveway to Take Out Trash in Colorado

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7 個月前

Colorado resident Meagan Schrecengost found a new way to take out her trash on collection day. She used her icy driveway as a makeshift skating rink and slid down to take the waste container to the curb outside her home in Berthoud, on November 7.

The video shows Schrecengost carefully sliding down the frozen driveway while holding onto the garbage container.

Schrecengost told Storyful her daughter recorded the video on her phone.

The video was taken right before Schrecengos was leaving to take her kids to school. She stated she did not expect the driveway to be so icy and slid the entire way down, narrowly avoiding a fall. Credit: Meagan Schrecengost via Storyful

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    Is this really news?. Glad it was one of the first things on Yahoo!
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    John W
    in other news ice is slick ......who knew ????
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    The husband probably filming, what a man
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    Justin c
    Oh wow she's such a strong confidant independent woman! Check the woman box off the propaganda list rite meow!
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    John W
    lucky she didn't fall and break her elbow like i did in Kansas black ice will get you
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    I can do that for her. Is she singe?
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    And this is news for Yahoo and Storyful... slow news around the world, huh?
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    I'd have been on my rear end if not in the ER had I tried that!
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    What's everyone having for lunch?
    I'm thinking chicken fajitas at border cantina
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