Working on His 'Koala-ifications': Cute Koala Joey Learns to Eat Leaves at Rescue Centre

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1 個月前

A rescued koala joey was still mastering the art of eating leaves, in a sanctuary in New South Wales, Australia, on May 3.

Port Stephens Koalas posted a video that shows a weaned joey koala, Warwick, trying multiple times to reach for a leaf and place it in his mouth.

“He doesn’t have his koala-ifications yet but we’re working on it,” Port Stephens Koalas wrote on a Facebook post. “He does get himself into some sticky situations. He’s still learning to eat leaves,” a spokesperson told Storyful.

Based in a region of New South Wales north of Sydney, Port Stephens Koalas provides shelter for marsupials in need.

The sanctuary shares regular updates on the progress of the koalas in their care via their official YouTube and Facebook pages. Credit: Port Stephens Koalas via Storyful