Worth the Wait: Maine Goat Farm's 'Last Babies' of Season Frolic in Coats

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1 年前

Summer seems to be shaping up nicely for Strawberry Moon and Comet, the last two goat kids of the year’s kidding season at Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine.

When they aren’t cavorting around their mother, Cinnamon, the Nigerian dwarf kids pass the days hanging out in a Radio Flyer wagon, nibbling on grass, and modeling coats, as this video shows.

Owner Hope Hall posted the footage to YouTube on July 10, writing in the video description that “after 60 other kids, we were so relieved to have the last two out happy and healthy and super lovey.”

Hall and her husband, Chris, own the Sunflower Farm Creamery, which produces cheese, yogurt, and caramels in addition to breeding Nigerian dwarf goats. Credit: Sunflower Farm Creamery via Storyful

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    How blissful
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    awww how cute!!
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    Lady in red
    I love goats. We had some when I was a child. These little goats are so cute.
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    Another animal bred for money.
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    Somewhere a couple of sheep are freezing so that those two kids could have wool coats! That's awful!
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    muslims are salivating.....
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