Germans prepared to pay for weight-loss drug Wegovy

STORY: Novo Nordisk’s weight-loss drug Wegovy will be available in Germany from the end of July - and people seem willing to pay.

Several doctors told Reuters they have received interest from hundreds of patients and expect high demand for the prescriptions...

even though health insurance plans which cover around 90% of Germans won’t foot the bill.

The weekly injection will have an initial cost of around $190 a month.

But it will cost around $330 in the long term.

Used alongside a structured diet and exercise regime, Wegovy has been shown to help obese people lose about 15% of their bodyweight.

And doctors say they will primarily consider it for patients who are at the early stages of obesity, with a BMI of around 30 or slightly higher.

But clinical trial data shows people regain weight after they stop taking it.

Other drugs are already available in Germany.

Irina Ernstberger, took the diabetes drug Ozempic, also made by Novo, to help her lose weight.

Three months after finishing her course, she's managed to keep the weight off - alongside maintaining a healthy diet.

"For me at least, I didn't really change my eating habits and I think that was the main issue. And now, with the last phase, with the support of my doctor, Professor Horbach, I have finally succeeded."

Wegovy’s launch in Germany adds a third European market.

Novo’s shares have rallied nearly 120% since Wegovy debuted in June 2021.

That makes it Europe's second-most-valuable listed company after luxury brand LVMH.

The Danish drugmaker is also ramping up production to meet soaring demand in the U.S.

where, the drug sells for as much as $1,350 a month.