400 tourists evacuated after fire at Holiday Inn in Thailand

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8 個月前
Four hundred tourists were evacuated after a fire at a Holiday Inn in Thailand on Friday morning (December 6). The hotel security guard Supatchai Phanwilai, 29, was on his duty to watch over the hotel in Pattaya, when he noticed smoke at around 4:30am. He saw flames from a balcony at the front of the hotel before seeing the fire start spreading quickly due to the strong wild. Two fire trucks rushed to the 8-storeys hotel and spent over 30 minutes to extinguish the fire while the rescuer team hurried to evacuate the tourists who were staying in the hotel as well. The rescuer volunteers were able to bring over 400 tourists including, children, elderly and disabled guests out of the hotel safely. One of the firefighters said the source of the fire was still unknown and the damage was estimated to be over a million baht (25,036 GBP). He said: "Most of the damage was on the outside of the building and we could able to extinguish it before it reaches the internal area otherwise the tourists might be in danger. "The source of the fire was still unknown but the police will come and open the investigate the scene soon."