ABS-CBN employees and supporters protest outside station's headquarters in the Philippines

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1 個月前
ABS-CBN employees and supporters continued protesting outside the station's headquarters in Quezon City, Philippines on Tuesday (July 14). For the fourth day in a row, supporters and employees of Philippines' largest television network demonstrated against the House of Representatives' decision to reject the renewal of ABS-CBN's broadcast franchise. Footage shows protesters banging pots and pans and motorists honking in support.
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    Mag File nalang kayo ng case sa Labor para sa separation pay nyo..may habol kayo jan kasi hindi naman nagdeclaire ng bankruptcy and mother company nyo..Yan dapat ginagawa nyo ngayon, maghanap kayo ng abogado nyong lalaban para macompensate kayo ng maayos hindi ganyan na rally kayo ng rally para sa wala..eh talagang wala naman na talaga..
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    people who understand the issue surrounding the closure of abs-cbn doesn't mean the congress took their press freedom. this is simply because abs-cbn violates a lot of corporate laws. starting with the acquisition of a foreign owner, tax evasion, etc. bottom line the lopezes used their innocent employee for their own benefit.
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    In every rally by ABS you wont see any of the executive joining
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    Employees and supporters protest while the owners LOPEZ are sleeping or probably some place nice.
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    "motorists honking in support." - GET OUT OFF THE STREETS.
    ABS-CBN failed to convince the House 77 (no to renewal)-11
    Maybe the management ordered that employees failing to protest will be on the pink list.
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    Government will still need to address uncollected taxes.
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    Are they the 11,000 employees? Ouch, maybe if we use Lugaw Mathematical magic of multiplication.
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    They should have rallied their owners to pay taxes correctly and not meddle in politics. They are just using their employees and some ignorant public to get sympathy. The owners great great grandkids will not be able to use all the money they have amassed. I am sure there will be another station to come o ut.
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    Maicah Angel Joy
    The supporters must remember that the issue was about the renewal of expired FRANCHISE.
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    Please blame your company for not following the Law of the Land. Ngayon, iniwan na po kayo ng amo nyo, binenta na nya lahat shares nya sa ABS. Siya po ay hindi pusong Pinoy kundi pusong dayuhan.