Armored Police Vehicle Responds to Jersey City Shooting

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2 個月前

Police officers responded to reports of two active shooters in Jersey City, New Jersey, on December 10 after reports of shots fired at civilians and law enforcement on Martin Luther King Drive.

Local media reported that at least one police officer was shot and others were injured in the shooting. Suspects were described as a man and woman dressed in black and carrying “long guns” into a market in the area, local media said, citing police radio reports.

Reports said shooting began “just after noon” and continued for multiple hours after.

All Jersey City public schools were on lockdown, the school district said. Several law enforcement agencies were responding to the shooting, including the bomb unit and Emergency Response Bureau.

This video shows an emergency tactical vehicle driving down a Jersey City street as an armed law enforcement officer patrols the area from atop the vehicle. Credit: @desiree.uchiha via Storyful

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