Bald Eagles Swarm Net on Alaskan Fishing Boat

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2 個月前

Fishermen in Dutch Harbor, Alaska – one of the world’s most abundant fishing ports – see a different side to bald eagles.

As fisherman Derrick Justice noted in this video recorded in summer 2018, some Alaskans see America’s majestic national bird as having a lot in common with a pigeon.

“Found few pigeons on deck this morning,” Justice captioned the video, which shows a group of eagles scavenging bloody meat from a fishing net.

Dutch Harbor generally hauls in more than 760 million pounds of seafood a year, local media report, and it’s a frequent location on the Discovery Channel show Deadliest Catch.

It has also become known in recent years for being overrun with bald eagles, Wired reported.

Local officials have said they put out signs and warnings every year to remind people to take extra caution during summer nesting season – from early June to the end of the summer – since the birds can be territorial and protective of their young, resulting in up to 10 attacks on people a year, according to reports. Credit: Derrick Justice via Storyful

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    Hey a free meal is a free meal
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    I was on top the Arkansas River levee in Oklahoma one day. Big flakes of snow coming down, and there were 7 eagles sitting in a tree. Since I was on the levee and the tree was growing below on the flood plain, the birds were almost eye level. The greatest picture ever and I didn't have a camera.
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    You want to see some eagles? Go to Haines alaska when the fish are running. It’s the largest nesting site on the planet for them. You will see thousands all at once. Google it. Incredible.
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    If had a choice between and easy meal and a hard one I would take the easy one
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    They could probably make some nice money taking on some tourists. I would not mind being there with a 300mm zoom lens.
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    G WC
    In Alaska, you can actually see a bald eagle. In NJ, all we see are buzzards. Plenty of buzzards, feeding from roadkill animals.
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    Just a Beeeeuuuuteeeefulllllllll Bird so majestic!!! Seen one in the mountains in New Mexico doing pipeline work, watched in just flying in circles, gliding gracefully!!! Enjoyed every minute of that event!!!!!
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    Bald Eagles are Not just hunters, they are also massive Scavengers. That's why Ben Franklin wanted the smart, clever, and wily Wild Turkey to be the national bird. Oh well at least it is a tasty bourbon now. :-D . :-))
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    edward g
    Nature, doin nature stuff
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    Very few here in California,we have lots of Red Hawks,pretty birds.
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