'Best Person I've Ever Rescued': Coast Guard Dog Fan Saves Waterlogged Canine

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2 個月前

A crew of Fort Myers Beach Coast Guard members rescued a “dog in distress” off the coast of Florida’s Bowditch Point on December 4.

The dog was spotted swimming in the water and the Coast Guard was alerted as the night crew were beginning their shift.

“Thanks to the crew’s expertise in intercepting non-compliant vessels (NCV) and recovering a person in the water (PIW), our ‘star’ of the night was safely recovered and returned to her owner,” the post accompanying the footage, which was shared to Facebook, reads.

In the video, one of the Coast Guard members says,“You’re the best person I’ve ever rescued,” to the soggy pooch. Credit: U.S. Coast Guard Station Fort Myers Beach via Storyful

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    A dog's life is worth saving like all animals. Humans must take the lead. Good work and thank you USCGS Fort Myers Beach.
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