Calgary Man Has Close Call With Avalanche While Running on Mountain Trail

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8 個月前

Calgary man Bryon Howard had a workout to remember on Friday, December 6, when, while he was out for a run on a Lake Louise trail, an avalanche hit.

Howard, a Realtor, was able to capture video of his close call, showing the cloud of snow and dust coming down the mountain signaling an avalanche behind.

“Wow,” he says as he races through the whiteout.

“So. Avalanche. Wild,” he says, as he gets his breath back.

Howard was with his wife and son for the run, but was slightly ahead when the avalanche hit. He told the Global News that he found himself “being engulfed” as he kept “on the edge of it, running out of it.”

Howard’s son, Jacob, said he could hear the avalanche from where he was, and saw the snow “falling down the hill.”

For all the drama, Howard added, “I knew I was safe.” Credit: The Howard Team Real Estate via Storyful

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    Armchair QB
    Doesn't seem that it was too serious ... considering that he was slowly jogging away while keeping his selfie stick angled for the best shot. Poser/fake danger if you ask me.